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SL SEARCH CORPORATION was organized in December 1987 by a group of SEARCH practitioners who specialize in overseas placements. Initially with the Middle East region as the main market (Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait), we have expanded our coverage to include United States of America, Singapore, Indonesia, Guam, and all countries which employ Filipinos.

Since 1987, SL SEARCH has already built a successful and progressive track record. Our clientele ranges from banking and financial institutions, IT companies, manufacturing, trading, hotels restaurants and other service-oriented organizations. In a nutshell, we have clients to represent different industries.

The fact that we have a sister company, Searchers & Staffers Corp. that caters to Philippine clientele, gives us access to different companies in various industries. This proves to be very valuable in updating ourselves about the current market picture, moreso about the movements of people in various companies.

  SL SEARCH strongly believes in Industry Analysis as a basic step in providing good consultancy service to clients. Before any engagement is started, we make a macro scanning of the industry a particular company is in. We take it as our responsibility to present to our clients relevant information that will help in their hiring decision.

SL SEARCH defines its job in a very simple way: Match the RIGHT candidates with the RIGHT companies!! To do this, the evaluation of candidates is focused on their work pattern and track record in their previous employers. career plans, motivation, work attitude, and value system to be matched with the client company's requirements.

The knowledge about the client's corporate set-up, direction, values and culture will be helpful in determining the Perfect Match.



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